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St. Joseph County SCTP Straight Shooters

Our SCTP youth team was born out of 4-H Shooting Sports in 2005 for youth that wanted more shotgun shooting opportunities. Our team motto is "SAFETY FIRST - FUN SECOND".


ABOUT:  The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP), see website link, youth shotgun sport program is for students in Grades 12 and under, and offers team shotgun shooting sports competition in trap, skeet, and/or sporting clays. There is also a college division as well.

The team practices concurrently with our 4-H Shooting Sports & ATA AIM programs to allow youth to participate in all programs.  SCTP has a “team” orientation versus an individual orientation.  However, some individual awards are also available. There are optional competitions at the local, State, and National levels. As a team we choose which competitions we want to participate in. The SCTP National Shoot is a multi-day shoot normally held in July in Marengo, OH. This is optional, but the adventure is amazing! There are also opportunities for Olympic “Bunker” Trap and Olympic Skeet.

TEAM MEMBERS: Please review the team booklet below for team rules, safety rules, practices schedule, and competition schedule. Also, this booklet contains information about our team fund raiser. 

FOR NEW TEAM MEMBERS: Please use the "Let's Chat!" button in the pale green box below to contact us on how to join, or if you just want more information about our team. Contact 269-483-6803

For More Information on Our Team or for New Members:
Use the "Let's Chat!" button in the green box on this page to contact us.

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