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Pull - 4 - Pledges "Fun" Raiser

Pull - 4 - Pledges Team Fund Raiser

The team has so far competed in a few competitions in the SCTP Trap season this year and have several more scheduled through July culminating in the SCTP National Trap Championships held for 2 days in Marengo Ohio at the Cardinal Center.  The team has attended this shoot for the past 4 years.

Although we write grants to the NRA Foundation and MidwayUSA Foundation to help with costs for this program, there just isn’t enough this year. Therefore, to help defray the cost of attending the Nationals in July, our team is holding a “Pull-4-Pledges” Fun-Raiser on the afternoon of May 22.    


  • This fund raiser is a way to raise some money to help offset the costs for the youth and their immediate  families for the competitions we attend. It also showcases our student athletes to family and friends.   

  • Our student athletes get pledges from sponsors for a 50-target trap shooting event at our home club. The team gets practice, we eat a little something, the student athletes can win prizes, and they raise funds at the same time.

  • Example sponsors can be family friends, uncles, aunts, grandparents, businesses you use, neighbors, etc. A sponsor can pledge to donate a set amount or, as an incentive, an amount per clay target hit of the 50. It can be anything from 25 cents to $1 per target hit, or any amount they choose. Use the Pull-4-Pledges form to get the donation.

  • We will summarize your Pledges on the "Fun-Raiser" Trap Event Pledge Sheet Form. An example pledge: At 50-cents per target hit, if ALL 50 targets were hit, the total would only be $25.

  • Awards go to the top shooters in their age groups, plus the athlete who brings in the most "sponsors", and the athlete who brings in the most "funds". Will you help our team out and be a sponsor!


 If you wish to help with this cause, please contact Coach York at 269-483-6803.

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