This month is our Annual Membership Meeting and “Wild Game Chili Cook-off” set for March 8 at 7:00 pm. We will be electing the 2021-2022 Club Officers and Directors. All Officers are currently unopposed, except for the position of Vice President, where we have 4 current board members running for this position - in alphabetical order are - Benson Baumeister, Paul Hassenger, Allen Kasdorf and Andy Rockwell.   We also have an unopposed candidate (Tom McLaughlin) for the open position of Treasurer vacated by Laura Decker. In addition there is one by-laws change being proposed that will need to be voted on by the membership. This change is related to board meetings to allow for virtual meetings in the event of future pandemics, or other causes,  where meeting in person cannot be accommodated.


The agenda for the annual meeting is as follows: 

a. Conservation Pledge

b. Introductions

c. Reading of the Minutes of Previous Annual Meeting

d. Annual Executive Secretary’s Report

e. Annual Treasurer’s Report

f. Annual Reports from Committees / Activities

g. By-laws Change Vote

h. Election of Officers and then Directors

i. Good of the Corporation

j. Adjournment

Don’t forget to bring your wild game chili entry, and bring your appetite! You will be voting on the best chili, as well as Club Officers and Directors. Don’t forget to renew your dues in order to vote in the Club’s election. You can renew your membership on that night so bring your checkbooks or cash!