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NRA Membership

Our Club NRA Recruiter is Leslie J York. You can join or renew your membership through the club and save money. 

Just print, fill out, & Mail form below.



Membership in the NRA obtained through our club, benefits us in that the NRA returns part of your fee to us, and benefits you because you pay a reduced membership fee because of belonging to a member club.

Renew my NRA membership: NRA member #____________________


New Member, please sign me up as a new NRA member:

      Name:          _______________________________________________

      Address:      _______________________________________________

      City, State, Zip _____________________________________________

      Phone:  _______________________  Birth date: __________________

      E-Mail: ___________________________________________________


Club Rate: $35 per year, make check payable to NRA: $_______________

For multi-year rate or Life Membership rate contact 269-483-6803, call or text.


Magazine Choice: (circle one):


          America’s 1st Freedom           American Hunter   

          American Rifleman                Shooting Illustrated


 Print and Mail to:     Leslie J York, club NRA recruiter                               

                                  17101 Tomahawk Trail

                                  White Pigeon, MI 49099

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